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Female or male betta?


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Hi all.


I ve got 4 female bettas for my 80l planted tank. 

One of them (big koi girl)is being agressive and nipping the fins of the other 3 (2 smaller girls got their beautiful fins ruind in 1 just 1 day)

I have a male in a separate tank, and when i show them to each other this koi girl flares her gills and acts like a male. (But maybe it s okey?)

I know relatively little about bettas, decided to get a sorority tank after I got a male who is pretty intertaining, plus it s so satisfying to watch their fins grow out after a sad petstore community tank.

So I'm wondering if this koi girl might be a male?

I don't see this "egg dott" on her abdomen and she has more prolonged body compared to other girls, but maybe she s just built  different. 

The other 3 females seem to be doing okey so far, even though I ve read that even 4 females together might not be enough to avoid aggression, so I'm thinking maybe this koi girl is agressive just because she knows she can dominate the others.. 

Any advice on what to do with her is appreciated..I'm thinking I have to give her away as I don't wan a set up another tank for her alone.











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Yeah, females can get almost as aggressive as males. Sororities are always iffy. You're going to need to watch them constantly. I tried and failed one sorority. a dominant female always seems to emerge. Luckily, I had spare community tanks to put some in. They way i have seen it works is by overcrowding, like african cichlid tanks. It needs a larger tank 55 gall +, then adding 40+ bettas. what that does, it spreads the aggression out. it also inhibits the formation of a dominant females. but it still requires constant observation. In your size tank size, I may overstock it with peaceful dither fish. possibly harlequin rasboras, or other rasboras. something to distract them. and provide lots of plants for cover and line of sight breaks.

she is probably female, just aggressive.

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