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Please help, unknown worms in my turtle tank!

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Hi everyone, I woke up today and there were hundreds of tiny (1-2mm) white worms all over the glass of my turtle tank. I thought they might be detritus worms but there aren’t any swimming, they’re just on the glass and they’re not inching around, their movement is much more fluid, like they’re just sliding. I’m worried they might be dangerous for my turtle of giant African shrimp.



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They look like Planaria!

If you take a closer look at the head of the worm, if its pointed like an arrow, then it probably is. 

From what I know, Planaria attack smaller critters like shrimp and snails, I haven't read up on anything regarding turtles. 

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Hi, thank you for replying. Sorry, I can’t get a very good picture because the camera focuses on the inside of the tank instead of the worms. Thankfully up close they don’t look like planaria as none of them have the triangle head or the eyes. These things are more sort of spear shaped.

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