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Lots of bubbles and brown scum on top

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Hello,  any input helps, thanks!

Have 10 gallon tank with five neon tetras, using “Fritz Maracyn” to combat little white spots on two of them.  Woke up this morning to lots of bubbles and brown scum on the top of the water and around edges. Is that going to be a problem?  So I need to start cycling water frequently when using the maracyn?



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Hi @yakteriyaki, welcome to the forum. This can be from the medication AND/OR from excess ammonia. When medicating I typically keep an eye on ammonia levels as usually you're restricted from changing water and medications can mess with parameters, or crash a cycle. I don't think Maracyn is supposed to do the latter but it's always a good rule to assume something like that can happen. Here is a good article from the Aquarium Co-op on this: 



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