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Stocking options for 29 gallon?

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Endlers? a 29g will hold lots, but start with a few and they will make more.

As a comparison, in my heavily planted 29g I have:

  • shrimp (around 10)
  • innumerable snails
  • 3 otocinclus
  • 3 khuli loaches
  • 3 german blue rams
  • 1 angelfish
  • a school of about 19 rummynose tetras

My nitrates are always lower than I want them, and would drop to zero without fertilizer, but I do have to service my filter more often than I would like due to the snails chowing down on the driftwood in the tank and making a lot of mulm. Aggression is held to a minimum, because there are so many plants you can barely see more than the rummies and a third of the other fish at any one time. Anyone feeling picked on is hidden in 3 fish lengths, and it is mostly just the female rams sparring when they feel broody. The angel breaks it up now and then by chasing them away from each other. 

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