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Patrick from Pennsylvania

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Hi, I'm Patrick, I'm new to the forums but have a moderate experience in fishkeeping. I've kept Oscars off and on for about 30 years.

I'm currently Oscarless as my last big guy passed a few months back. 

My main interest as of late are plecos and neons...And 1 Polar Blue Parrot (not in the same tank).

I'm new to plants and besides val and a few swords, the results haven't been great... But I'm learning.

I look forward to learning and maybe helping if I can, where I can.

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I'm just outside York myself. It's hard losing pets, especially when they have personalities as big as Oscars. My most recent pair grew up together, I lost one in October and his tank mate followed in December. He seemed lost without his friend and finding him a new friend (that he couldn't eat) never happened... So, I'm taking a break from the water puppies for a bit. Thanks for the welcome, stay warm and be safe out there, the roads aren't the best!

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