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Giant Guppies


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Hi everyone!

So, I'm new to keeping guppies. I just started this year, back in May, and so I'm learning a lot! I have two female guppies sharing a planted long 20 gallon tank with platys and they've been popping out fry like no tomorrow. I've been putting the juvenile fry in a separate tank, but, as usually with guppies, I keep getting more!

So, my question. My female mother guppies are HUGE. They are easily three times the size of the boy guppies and bigger than even the platys. Is this normal? Pictured here is the biggest mom (ready to pop with fry, of course):


Should I be concerned? I'm sure I'm feeding too much (always trying to feed the fry), and I hear guppies can chest-burst from overfeeding, but I don't know if I'm being overly worried. I'm trying to cut back on the feeding (while also making sure everyone is fed!)


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