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Pleco size before adding to Geo/sev tank

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Got a order in yesterday for some moving im planning!

Brought in 12 scissortail rasboras, 6 orange venezuelan Cory's and 1 L144a blue eyed lemon pleco.

The plan is my scissortails in my 40 are getting a bit big for the 40, going to move them into the 125 with 7 geos and 2 severums that are all really young to use as dithers for the severums. And the Cory's and pleco will go into the 125. The 10 new scissors will grow out in the 40.

Question being this pleco is tiny!!! I know they say the geos and sevs will ignore plecos but being its so small I feel he could be eaten pretty easy,  their in qt now so it'll be a few weeks anyway but Is there a certain size I should grow him out to before I put him in the big tank? How long does it take for them to get a decent size?

I've tried a few plecos (petstore ones) and never had luck with them.  I love this little guy he was so active and all over right out of the bag, might change my mind on plecos! So I'd like to try to keep him alive!



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Hard to answer this since it is unknown the size of your sevs and geo (which species of geo?); however the general rules is these fishes will eat anything that will fit in their mouth; so i'd wait till it is quite a bit larger than their mouth. If your sevs are like my festy they have huge mouths. lemon bn will initially grow slow so it might take 6 months till he is large enough. btw i have a hand full of lemon bn i'd love to give away.

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