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Cherry Barb Breeding


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Set up a breeding tank. Set up an uncluttered, cycled 10-20 gal tank with sponge filtration and a couple inches of either marbles or large pea-gravel stones across the bottom for eggs to fall into. Add a Java Moss clump on top. Adjust water parameters, and ensure a cycled tank. Then add mature, adult Cherry barbs in ratio of 1:2 (male:female). Feed live BBS and live daphnia to bring into breeding condition. Probably not necessary to condition them separately. Once you observe spawning for ca. 24-48 hours, remove the brooders. As eggs hatch and begin clinging to the glass, wait until they are free-swimming, and then add half a dozen of more Neocaridina shrimp to chow down on the infertile eggs and fungussed-eggs fouling up in the substrate. Banana worms and New Life Spectrum GROW Fry powder are good starter foods. Live BBS and ACO Fry Powder are excellent going forward as they grow.

Here is an excellent video...


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