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Which micro rasbora


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I am seriously considering adding a group of some microrasboras to my pygmy corydoras tank. Yes i want to breed the corydoras but i am six months away i think. I am also low key hoping if i feed enough cory fry might survive the rasboras as well, though i found conflicting info on that. Anyways i have other tanks to move the rasboras to if there is a problem.


The question now is which rasbora to get, which is the best behavior wise. What is available here is brigittae, merah, maculatus and urophthalmoides. Any recommendations?


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Funnily enough, after checking the tanks and experience of other keepers here, a lot of people have the least rasbora (urophtalmoides) and almost noone has brigittae, as they are impossible to get here, and most are actually merah, and sold as brigittae/merah 🙂. There are even documented accidental breedings of the least. Always bad experience with wild caught blackwater ones, adaptation is hard on them


I will see what is in the store I guess, thank you guys

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I don't think you'll have a problem with pygmy cories breeding around any of those micro rasboras, but if you want info from someone that has them, I can provide some experience.

I have a 55 gallon with 48 boraras brigittae (aka chili rasboras), 40+ celestial pearl danio, 40+ emerald dwarf rasboras, a threadfin rainbow pair, way too many ramshorn snails, & a colony of neocaridina shrimp. The 12 pygmy cories I put in there last January (with 8 more in March, to spread the bloodlines) are now a school of easily over 60.

I've had schools of brigittae for almost 10 years & they're my favorite of the nano fish. They school VERY well, while the other nano fish do their own thing. They'll regularly swim up to me, while I'm cleaning the tank, to see what I'm doing. As the CPD & emerald dwarf rasboras die off from old age, I'll just get more brigittae.


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