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African Dwarf Frog nutrition needs


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I was researching small waterproof fans both for summer cooling if necessary since I don’t have AC, and for possible paludarium. As happens, I got off on a tangent. 🤷‍♀️🤪

This discussion is talking about terrestrial frogs, calcium and vitamins, and I was wondering:

1. How do you make sure an aquatic frog is getting enough nutrition since you can’t dust the food? Can you feed their live foods so they are better quality? Or can you get them to eat a piece of repashy mix?

2. In a captive diet, would the danger of too much Vitamin A (or any other) be likely, or would a deficiency of something be more worrisome?

I’ve added ADFs to my wish list along with freshwater crabs, as you may have guessed. 🤪

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Forgot to ask - Can frogs & crabs live together?
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I keep both ADF and terrestrial frogs. ADF get their calcium from the water. Some people teach their frogs to eat frozen bloodworms from a feeding dish but a diet of only 1 thing is not good plus bloodworms are very poor nutrition. 

Reports say they don’t see well  I find this very false  I only feed live grindle worms, live white worms and live BBS  I recently added live daphnia magna to the mix.

I find my ADF to be excellent hunters  and can see live worms hit the tank from anywhere. They will sit still watching for movement since they don’t recognize anything not moving as food. The slightest movement even brine shrimp along the bottom get snapped up skillfully. I scatter them about the tank. They just look clumsy.  I do use Aquatic frog and tadpole pellets but I have never seen them eat those  my shrimp clean them up.  




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