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Honey Gouramis trying to breed in high-flow tank


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Hi all - I have a 3 week old 100 gallon tank, heavily planted but lightly stocked for it's size (the fish came out of my 10g, and a couple 20s). It has a canister on each end, and very good flow that generates a circular pattern. I have a spray bar on one end, pointed length-wise down the tank, dialed down quite a bit but there's still plenty of surface agitation. The filter on the other end flows out along the back wall, and also provides a bit of surface agitation. I am liking this so far. The larger plants have a very gentle wave to them. My smallest fish are ember tetras, and they are out and about and not getting blown around. 

The tank has been fruitful - my cory cats laid a ton of eggs, and now my male/female gouramis are trying to build a bubble nest. There's some deader spots along the surface where there's some val leaves floating and blocking a lot of flow, but they don't seem to be having much luck. 

I also have some biofilm on the surface, likely b/c of all the new wood (no visible film on the wood), as well as bacteria and plants growing/dying/melting etc. I wonder if this is further hindering the bubble nests (and maybe a water change is in order). I don't think it's from overfeeding, and the water is clear. But, I've never had a planted tank this large, so any advise on the film would be appreciated.

I do have a 10 gallon hospital tank that I always keep setup with barely any flow, and a bunch of leftover val providing plenty of cover. Should I try moving them in there? Having just moved them into the 100g tank, I don't want to stress them more - but are the failed bubble nests just stressing them? 


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If you want babies I would move them. Alternatively I cut a ring from the center of a gallon water jug and secured it to the side to make a dead spot for my honeys. Mine also love their zoomed floating betta logs I use a strip of plant weight hooked over the side to keep them from floating around. They like to build bubble nests in the open hole on top. 

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