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Finally got 75 gallon running

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I finally got my 75 gallon together, so I thought I would post a pic.  This aquarium replaced my 29 gallon aquarium in the livingroom.  I have a fluval C4 and a fluval 306 canister filter on it.  Plant wise there is an Anubias Barteri, pennywart, Anubias Nana, Java ferns, windelov Java ferns, a sword, a rather scraggly looking octopus plant, a tiny Cryptocoryne lucens which has like 2 tiny green leaves on it, and 3 stem plants of some sort that I forget what it was.  Everything moved from my 29 gallon over to the 75.  Fish wise, its kind of a hodge podge from the 29 gallon.  There's 1 Denson Barb, a Buenos Aires tetra that has been in there for years, 3 black skirted tetras, 2 glow fish (pink & yellow white skirted tetras ...  picked out by my 6 year old, her favorite colors), 2 cories (a spotted and a green), a Red/White salt & pepper platy, 1 bristlenose pleco, a mystery snail, 2 Otos, and one clown pleco (which I see like once a month, I sware the thing has to be dead and eaten, but then one evening I'll spot him and he's looking just fine ... then it will be another month or so before I see him again.)

I did debate quite a bit about what light to get for the aquarium but I ultimately decided to get the Finnex Planted+ CRV 24/7 light.  The color it puts out is awesome, I like that every time i look at my aquarium throughout the day it looks a littledifferent.   The different hues bring out different aspects of the aquarium.  The remote and programming is a bit wonky though, but my last light was a finnex so I'm quite use to it.  The programming reminds me of something you would create in a Bata version of something where you are really just testing out the concept and proving everything works.


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