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This time it's Crystal Reds!


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Had the Crystal Reds in the "studio" today. My studio is a 1 gallon UNS cube. Using such a small tank allows me to throws a lot of light into it, and it keeps the subjects close to me at all times. I shoot with a Lumix DMC LX-10, which is a somewhat 'affordable' point-n-shoot with decent macro capabilities. 

Like my orange rilis, I've been working on this line for about a year or two, trying to refine them and get them to breed more true as grade SSS+.  Overall, I'm going for the mosura pattern in the first and second pics. Some of the other pics are of shrimp from my cull tank which I will offering for sale soon on various platforms.

I'm also working to refine some "4-banded" crystal reds. I'd like to get them to have solid uniform red-and-white bands, complete leg coloration, etc. I know that the banded CRS are considered by some a lower grade than the mosuras,  but I prefer the banded shrimp as they remind me of candy canes. Hope to have some pictures of those at some point in the future.

Once again, thanks for looking!







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