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Adding Fertilizer, morning or night?

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I was wondering if anyone has noticed a difference in adding fertilizer to their aquarium in the morning vs doing so at night.  Historically I've added fertilizer at night around 9-10 pm, mostly because that's when the house gets quiet and I have a few minutes to get a few things done before going to bed.  I was thinking about that over the weekend a bit and I'm debating on if that's not the best idea.  By doing that the aquarium ends up having the highest concentration of nutrients during the lowest light periods.  My finnex 24/7 light has a rather long ramp up and ramp down rate, so I'm guessing the light is too low for the plants to do a whole lot with the nutrients during those periods, but I question if it's plenty for the algae.  I question if it would be better to add the fertilizers in the morning before I left for work so the concentration would be higher during the higher light periods.

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