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RR on terrestrial moss

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My attempts to RR some local terrestrial moss for use in my displays has worked and it’s been a week and the moss is still green.


During the light phase tons of I assume CO2 bubbles were coming off the plant. I prepared the moss by rinsing it first with freshwater to get dirt and debris off.


I do not have any microscope shots to see if it indeed worked in getting rid of pests but it at least worked in not completely frying the moss. And I will call that a success. 


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Nice!  Thanks for posting about this!

I'll be trying this with my viv plants for dart frogs next time I set up a viv.  Right now the standard protocol is to bleach all the plants for fear of transferring some terrible pathogens like chytrid.  I've been taking some risks, because I'm not super on board with the whole bleaching of plants that frogs will then hangout on.  So, I figure this might help.  Will RR eliminate fungal spores?  Don't know.  But I'll still QT the plants post treatment.  At least no slugs, snails, and plant insect pests are likely to be introduced with this method!

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Yeah bleach, no matter how dilute seems to kill all my attempts at moss starts. And tropical moss imported has gotten out of hand expensive, especially considering you still have to QT it.


I would like to try liverworts next as I planted some toad lilies for my parents a few years back. And now the whole topsoil is coated in liverwort. This species does not seem to do well in QT. 

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