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Good tool for diagnosis of fish disease's


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Hi everyone, i wanted to share this website as i though it could help hobbyists in diagnosing fish disease. 

(Just disclaimer - i don't have anything with this company but i am thinking that most of the people out of Europe didn't hear for web site.)


More than 500 photos of fish diseases give everyone the opportunity to find a diagnosis and a remedy.

This is JBL online hospital web page where based on symptoms you will get answers what disease your fish have, what medication to use and more about disease.

JBL si German company that is well known in aquarists world in Europe they make meds, filters, tanks, lights...

In my experience it's better to use TEXT version of guide but you can use picture one too.

They will tell you medication based on them and what they manufacture but you can use any medication that you like just research meds for same disease.

Good thing is that this site will offer possibility of secondary infections too.


Use this web page as guide but make research off your own too.

Good luck everyone.


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