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ADF and betta?

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I have 10-gal aquariums.   I have a betta and mystery snail together.  I don't want to separate the betta and the mystery snail, because the betta is the only fish that does not pick on this snail.  

The other two aquariums have guppy fry, two mollies, and a dwarf gourami...with crushed coral substrate.

I do have a five-gallon planted aquarium as well, but I figured that that was too small for anything.

Winter is coming, and whatever new creatures we are going to have for winter need to be ordered within a month.  I am thinking that a pair of ADF would be lovely company for my daughter over our long winters.  We could pick something else, but I would like to have some new creature to brighten the dreary months.

Would it be possible to keep this docile betta, a mystery snail, and two ADF together?   If we tried this, would clean up become a nightmare?  I am aiming for very stable aquariums.  Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!

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I have not kept betta and ADF together but have kept both. 

Concerns I would have are

-betta like much warmer tanks than ADF though I think you could find a sweet spot to accommodate both  

-ADF are very slow eaters and clumsy finding food. The betta I had would gobble every stitch of food before the frogs got any possibly causing obesity and digestion issues in the betta and malnutrition in the frogs. I do not even keep snails with my frogs. I know other folks keep ADF with fish so this may just be a concern to me not a reality. 

-betta swim slow. Frogs rush to the surface all the time for air. ADF do not have claws the way dwarf clawed frogs do but they do have sharp toenails. They use their feet to push off whatever they can on the way up. 

I do not know if the answer is yes or no I just wanted to share concerns I would personally find answers to first. 

Toenails 963B2E87-0FAB-41D1-A35C-3310B729F185.jpeg.1ac74e0eb8fed6e8b5b7dd1a85b0d793.jpeg


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I kept my ADF with my Betta when the frog was young. In my experience it worked well and I didn’t see any issues. Yes, the frog zooms to the top to gulp air, but other than that he’s chilling on the bottom. The Bert mostly hung in the roots of the Water Lettuce. 

I also have (way too many) Ramshorn snails in this tank. I’ve been feeding the frog on the same spot, every day, since the day I got him. Snails haven’t been an issue in my experience. 

I no longer have that Betta, and have had Pygmy Cory’s in the tank for about a year now. Pygmy Cory’s are breeding, with some random fry making it in the tank and joining the group of adults. 

Overall, it worked for me in a 10 gallon tank. 

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I had a betta and two juvenile ADF. The temp was not the problem, the mess either, but the feeding was. The betta had a round belly like he ate a football and the frogs were super skinny. During feeding I would have to trap the betta in a breeder box and try to wait out till the ADF found and ate something. I saw the betta pull a bloodworm OUT of the frog mouth.

I also saw it stick the frog legs in its mouth. Did not work, both of my frogs passed quickly, I was not so versed in their feedings I assume and the betta was overfed and had to be diet starved for weeks afterwards.

Depends on the betta, but where food is concerned, betta will always think all the food is his. 

Overall any true adf keeper says to never keep with fish, as it just wont work, and that is it.

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