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Need light recommendations


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I have 
4 - 10 gallon tanks
1 - 29 gallon tall
And 1 - 20 gallon long

Looking to purchase set of aquarium lights all the same in different sizes that will all support plants, full spectrum, timed on/off not just moonlight option. Something with a reasonable price Any recommendations?


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If you have racks setup I recommend purchasing shop lights in 24" intervals. For display tanks I would just follow Aquarium Co-Op's lighting guide. I have 1 Fluval 3.0 that's very new to me and a bunch of Nicrew lights that have gotten mixed results. I'm planning to upgrade the Nicrews to Finnex Stingrays in the future.


One of our most asked questions is, which LED Aquarium Light should I get? In this quick guide I'll give my recommendations.  Definitions: Low light = Undemanding plants, Anubias, Crypts, etc. Medium Light = Stem plants and...


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clarified about shop lights
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