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Crushed Coral Brands

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I have been ordering crushed coral from the CO-OP in the past. In preparation to setting up a new tank I found out my LFS carries Caribsea products and it seems silly mailing such weight if we don't have to. However, when looking at the Caribsea line I am having a hard time determining what is the basic crushed coral. It seems like some of the main differences is the grain size and if they add sand to it. Would anyone be willing to explain the differences between the different Aragonites vs the Flordia crushed coral? More importantly should I just be getting the Florida Crushed Coral to buffer my freshwater tank? 

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I would just use the Caribsea product if it makes more sense to do so. They have two styles of "crushed coral" one of them is Florida, the other is Caribbean. You can see photos on the website for consistency.

Aragonite = Fine sand with shells and coral, typically. This is when you're talking aquarium products specifically.

As for a more general definition...


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