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Howdy folks!

Ken Dyer

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Odd, I thought I had done an introduction post but not seeing one anywhere so must be my memory going on me 🙂

Howdy all, I am Ken from Lewiston Idaho. I have been into fish keeping since a young age after discovering my parents old tanks/gear in the family basement. I have made several mistakes over the years (an Oscar and a 12" black shark in a 29G) and have even learned from a few of them. I took a several (20+) years hiatus after joining the army and then after working a job with a "Cory" schedule and a 3 hour round trip daily commute.

Now I have a "part time" job (only 40 hours a week!) and find I have way more time to actually enjoy the finer things in life, time with my family,  fly fishing and aquariums! About the time my daughter left for college I found myself with space and the itch to get back into the hobby. What started as a "trust me honey, just one 29 gallon tank" somehow managed to grow to around 30 tanks and taking over the old family room downstairs.

While trying to figure out how to get more tanks crammed into the family room I stumbled across a random fish nerd on youtube that was showing how he was setting up his fishroom. Cinderblocks and 2x4s? I can do that! Once the room was setup I was headed to Bellingham to visit my daughter and figured I may as well stop in and visit that youtube nerd's store in Edmonds. There we picked up Gerald the Schoudenti puffer, after that my wife's only rule is at least one tank always has to have a puffer in it 🙂 Gerald has since passed away after ~5 years in my care (I will always hope it wasn't my lack of skill).

I enjoy keeping mostly smaller peaceful fish, a few guppies/endlers but mostly kerri tetras, rasboras, white clouds, and such. I have met some very nice folks along the way and love the community that Cory has built, turns out a lot of us get along well with that randon youtube fish nerd 😄 

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