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Diy wabi kusa attempt


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First attempt at diy wabi kusa balls. I had everything minus coco fiber ($5) and 2 container from goodwill ($2.50 each). I'm not happy with the initial result as aquasoil seems to be leaking out but I'll see after a few weeks. I'll likely go with a sphagnum moss outside layer next time.


Used some left over uns soil and mixed with a little water till I got a consistency I liked. This was messy and a long process. I should have used a coffee grinder to break the soil down.




The coco fiber was a bit tricky to manipulate. I use some old 4lb mono fishing line to wrap them.




I used some emersed clipping from my little plant farm along with some moss. Grabbed a few Ludwigias, Rotalas, downio helferi, and s. Repens.


One of my grow bins is fighting some mold so I had some empty space for a temporary home.





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