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Easy Fry Food clouding the water?


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Hi, I’m Mara and started a thirty gallon planted tank last year for Blue Dream shrimp, Chili rasboras, Phoenix rasboras and Gertrude’s Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish (Pseudomugil gertrudae). I’ve been feeding the fish Aquarium Co-op’s Easy Fry Food and the fish love it, but for the last two or three months I’ve been having cloudy water that I think is related to the fish food. I’ve cut back to feeding the fish once a day, drained and replaced 1/2 to 2/3 of the tank water three times, used Imagitarium Water Clarifier and a recommended water conditioner. All but two of the Pseudomugil gertrudae have disappeared (I’ve read they’re short lived) but the cloudiness keeps coming back after each water change (half Southern California tap water with water conditioner and half distilled water). I’ve tried replacing the Easy Fry Food with Omega One Color Mini Pellets but even with grinding the pellets smaller, the fish don’t like it, so went back to the Easy Fry. Does anyone have suggestions for clearing the water in my fish tank? It doesn’t seem to bother the fish and shrimp, only me.  

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