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Hello! Mostly terrariumer here, but with some aquarium experience.

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Admitably at the moment im more into terrariums then aquariums. I like doing nano-esque scapes with moss and whatnot. However, lately ive started burning out in my aquarium hobby, so im hoping that ill be able to refuel the flame by interacting with other hobbyists. I have some interesting projects planned, and also just want to help others out, as i have lots of aquarium experience from keeping fish in the past.

I dream of many setups however i am very budgeted, and aquarium supplies  dont grow on trees.You know what does? terrestrial moss. However the fish i really want to keep is just a nice group of sterbai cories, but i dont have the setup for large tanks right now. Just the color+the cory behavior that i love that one fish.

Here is my best (in my opinion) terrarium, i dont have much aquarium-wise right now, but that will be changing soon. Thus my username relates to my terrarium hobby, but we can just say its for java and christmas moss...





Have a nice day, and nice to meet you.





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