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Gold ocellotus

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Hey guys, so I have a question my new tank I have 15 gallon long I was given 6 gold occelotus. They are beautiful, hopefully I have male and female with the group. I have shells and rock work. What I want to know are the gold variety of them found in the wild? Reason I’m asking I’ve gotten conflicting info. Also, any other info would be great.  


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Just a couple of questions:

Is it possible to send pictures? 

Are they solid gold? 

I ask because my local fish store sells both Chinese algae eaters and otocinclus together, and when the Chinese algae eaters are young, they are very similar to otocinclus. Golden CAE are very popular in the pet trade.

In my experience, I have seen what is referred to as a golden otocinclus, but they are more brown and tan. 

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