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Venezuelan Cory pectoral fin rot please help!


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Hi All, 

I'm at loss for words as I've asked quite a few people. But no one seems to know. I had 6 x Venezuelan Cory's. One I lost due to it having a red bump on its nose and it's top fin was half rotten(see pics i attached). Another I lost due to it having like a white tinge on the skin(this could be cause i moved them from a 3ft to 4ft so perhaps stress and perhaps its protective skin layer got damaged).  Then another one lost both pectoral fins(as can be seen on the thumbnail). But it still eats and swims around and seems to do OK, for a month now. The whiskers on all seem fine I.e. not eaten away. Then I see another one is getting shorter pectoral fins now too. BUT then I have two that are healthy and well(see pic attached). And they have been in the tank for similar amount of time. 


I use Aquazyme to dechlorinate. Let it stand for at least 10 to 30min. I know most say to use Prime and Stability but it is quite expensive. If this is the solution then ill have to buy that. My driftwood stopped letting off tannins but the Corys had this issue while there were tannins. My gravel substrate was second hand so not sure if there were any bad bacteria in there not sure if there is a way to kill any possible bad bacteria in the gravel. I keep my tank at 24 to 25 degrees. I feed Hikari sinking Pellets twice a day, I only put about 2 to 3 Pellets at a time. I change water once a week 30%. I had them in a 3ft and now moved them to a 4ft. But they had issues before I moved them.


I don't have aggressive fish in my tank. And haven't seen any fish biting the Corys that I know of. I have 9 x Super Blue Kerri Tetra, a pair of Apistogramma Trifasciata and 3 x Ottos. 


And tips will be greatly appreciated.  




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