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I guess the local raccoons think water hyacinth is tasty


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We've had the tub set up for about a month or two but the temps are finally getting nice enough to think about adding fish.

We added water hyacinth and water lettuce Saturday and over night one of them was munched on and the others were messed with. Then last night they came again...


There were three hyacinth and a water lettuce with a few shoots. Now all that remains is a shoot from a water lettuce.

That said, there is a nice population of daphnia, cyclops, etc living in there. Plus we just found "dancing worms" that I'm 80% sure are live bloodworms. They have the little head and legs and look basically identical to the frozen ones.


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On 5/16/2023 at 10:37 AM, FLFishChik said:

I managed to find this in a google search… maybe something to look into…

Thanks for the suggestion but one piece of information I left out is that I found that chewed stub of a plant on the other side of the yard.

This isn't the first time raccoons have messed with our plants. I expected it but didn't expect them to totally destroy them.

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I lost a bunch of the same plant from my tubs to raccoons late last summer. Based on the mess, I suspect at least one of them went swimming by accident. I don't expect they got any of the rice fish or shrimp, but it's not how I want my tubs to run. Totally disturbs my zen. 

I also had a big problem with local grackles hunting for fry, and using the tubs as toilets for dumping the feecal sacs from their nestlings (it's a thing, look it up). I can't imagine the ammonia bump from that, but that's the joy of sunlight and floating plants 🙂 Until the trash panda strike. 

This year I'll be putting a robust framed net over my tubs. In the past I've also set up a motion and IR activated sprinkler, that comes on when critters wander in front of it. That has worked really well to deter visitors. 

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