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Tank support questions

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I know at ACO, they have tanks that are only supported on the ends. See the attached photo.

Two questions:

  • Does anyone know what size tanks are in the photos? They look like 20-gallon highs to me.
  • Can you do that with a 40-gallon breeder?

I'm setting up a new rack system and would ideally support only the ends to save room between tanks.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 3.52.51 PM.png

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They look bigger than 20 high to my eye.

I cant specifically answer for all sizes, but my 29 gallons are on a flat surface and I can pass paper under neath the rim in the front and back to within a few inches of the ends meaning all the bearing surface is on the ends.


If you had a 4 foot tank that also had no bearing under the front and rear rim except near the ends, well, then there would be no bearing there either…


This only is true for rimmed tanks…

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