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Ich and Ammonia spike


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Hello everyone!
A few weeks ago, I started my first aquarium in 10 years. I moved some plants, snails, nitrifying bacteria (neo V, aquario), and finally, some fish - 5 guppies. Unfortunately, one of them developed ich. They were all from the same tank from the same shop. So I treated my aquarium with medication I got from my local fish shop and turn up the heater. But now, another problem has arisen. The ammonia level is higher than before - 0.05 ppm. I think it's probably because the medication killed all the beneficial bacteria. 😞 The medication contains brilliant green hydrochloride - 1 mg and malachite green hydrochloride - 4 mg. What should I do? If I dose another portion of bacteria, they'll probably die as well...

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I’m sorry you are having difficulty. 
water changes and an ammonia neutralizing dechlorinator like Fritz, Prime or AmQuel are what I find most helpful in these situations. Here is an article you may find helpful in understanding how those chemicals can assist. 
Temperature may also be playing a role. Different bacteria strains thrive at different temperatures. When a particular bacteria reaches the edge limits of it ideal temperature it can struggle or die off. 


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