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Really enjoying this brine shrimp hatchery

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How do you like the Ziss (is it this one https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/ziss-brine-shrimp-hatchery ?)?  I think the above is very convenient for 1 or 2 tanks with small fish (guppies, etc.).  However, if I were feeding more tanks, the Ziss looks interesting.


Also, have folks found better results (hatching) with higher temperatures?  I noticed one source mention 82F as the best temp.  What are folks using (I'm not measuring.  I just make the reptile heating mat slightly warm to the touch)?

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I found heat and light speeds the hatch but doesn’t increase the hatch rate for me. After the initial hatches 18-20 hours I pull the heater. I can then harvest for fry 2 and sometimes 3 days as they hatch instead of all hatching at once and poisoning the water. 

BTW I have to ask @Matt BDid you paint those pictures?  They are lovely. 

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@Guppysnail  I'm basically doing the same thing! , just with the heat lamp! :classic_biggrin:  I've experimented with the amount of eggs and leaving the lamp on.  I've managed some large hatches, but it makes a mess and smells bad! :classic_tongue:

The paintings are my Uncles. He was quite the artist of landscapes, I have his paintings everywhere! :classic_rolleyes:

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