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Panda garra fighting?


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I have had just one panda garra in my 40 breeder for a while (his friends died a while ago). Yesterday I introduced 2 more and my original and one of the new ones have been "fighting" for over an hour (maybe longer).  The original one is his normal coloring but the new one that he is fighting with is completely washed out. Do I separate them? Do I need to just add more? 

Current stock

3 Dalmatian mollies 

2 ottos 

1 electric blue acara 

6 buenos ares tetras

4-6 kuhli loaches 

2 endlers

1 hlillstream loach

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I have 6 panda garra in a 40B and yes they do fight - i once watched a pair fight for 10 minutes; why they fight i don't know - there wasn't too much obvious damage to each other but they simply would not sep - after a while one swam off. Their colouring also changes a bit when they are in a fighting mood. I do not believe they will kill each other but they do fight. In some way they are a bit of a 'fun' fish but in other ways quite annoying. They are extremely aggressive eaters and have no problem pushing everyone else out of the way while trying to grab food - this can create issues with less aggressive eaters - the only fish you have that approaches being a shy eater are the kuhli and i doubt tehy will be overly upset. 


When i move  and tear the tank down - they will be kept in the 40 with the guppies; but the other sa fishes have will all get the new 110 - i think overall for the environment i'm creating i prefer otto over panda garra. For kids and stuff panda garra are great -they are friendly - robust - always active et all but my delicate eaters are getting really upset by them.

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