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  1. I have had just one panda garra in my 40 breeder for a while (his friends died a while ago). Yesterday I introduced 2 more and my original and one of the new ones have been "fighting" for over an hour (maybe longer). The original one is his normal coloring but the new one that he is fighting with is completely washed out. Do I separate them? Do I need to just add more? Current stock 3 Dalmatian mollies 2 ottos 1 electric blue acara 6 buenos ares tetras 4-6 kuhli loaches 2 endlers 1 hlillstream loach
  2. Not sure what to do, I noticed it yesterday and its only getting worse. I have had him for months and my other fish are doing fine. I think its due to over feeding frozen foods but I am not sure (I feed every other day a mix of frozen baby brine, blood worms and ciclid mix frozen food) I have him in the main tank and he is just laying on the bottom. How do I help him?
  3. So my water parameters are as follows. I have now taken all of the guppies/endlers out of my main tank, done a huge water change, and put the livebearers into a 10 gal tank with 3TBSP of aquarium salt. The fish I posted a picture of died and had blood where her gravid spot would be (internal bleeding?). I noticed 2 other guppies/endlers were zombie swimming (swimming in the same spot for days and not eating like they were in a trance) hence why I removed them all. PH about 6.8 to 7 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 25 GH 300 (on the Aquarium Coop test strips basically its at the highest number ) KH 40 (on the Aquarium Coop test strips basically its at the lowest number)
  4. Good evening, The picture is the best I could do. I have been treating my main tank since sunday with the quarantine trio because I have been losing my live bearers about a fish a week (sometimes 2 or 3) for 2 weeks now. Since starting the meds I have lost 3 guppies/endlers The tank the fish is currently in for the photo was short notice and has been cleaned since. The female was fine this morning but when I got home, I saw that she had a patch of white fuzz on her. A google search says that this is fungus (not sure how it got to this point with the meds in there but regardless) but what I am not sure about is that why is it only affecting my livebearers? I thought they might have been old at first but the fuzz confirms that their deaths were not natural. I also have a female betta, blue kerri tetras, kuhli loaches, a bristle nose and otos in the 40 gal tank. I checked my water last night and found nothing amiss. I am concerned for all my fish at this point and don't know what else to do. I was reading some online info that said I need to do several major water changes and meds? Please advise
  5. I would to be on the safe side because it says it removes the taste of chlorine but what about chloramine?
  6. So I could mix the pearls, TF rainbows and EB rams or Bolivans? From the research I did, it seemed like the pearls and rainbows are fine with 80. I had considered having one EB Acara intsead of the rams but I have heard they can be super sweet or a nightmare.
  7. Interesting, I heard/read the opposite. Are yours male or female?
  8. probably not everything and the counts would be based on what is best for each fish and I would adjust accordingly but wanted to see if the combo would would so if I eventually had the space (I would love to have a larger tank for my classroom). My tank is a 40 breeder and I think its 36 in long
  9. I have a stocking question, did you find the electric blue acara too aggressive? I have heard people say they are super laid back and others say they are mass murderers.
  10. I am not sure. I wasn't sure if the aggression would be too much if I mixed genders. The genders I mentioned are just my thoughts, I am open to all males or mixing. I don't mind if they breed but I don't want utter chaos with them protecting fry (I read this was an issue with rams).
  11. Good Morning, So after doing a deep dive on the internet I think I found my next tank idea but I cannot determine if it will work. My idea is to do the following species but I am not sure on genders or if it will even work. From the research I have done, I know the following would be fine with my ph but the gh concerns me but couldn't find consistent information on whether or not it would work. Please include ANY and all suggestions and comments. I know the aggression with the rams and gourami could be an issue but again I would welcome all suggestions, comments, substitutions. Bolivian Rams (2-3 females?) Electric Blue Rams (2-3 females?) Pearl Gourami (1-3 females?) Peacock gudgeon (1 male 2 females? all females?) Threadfin/featherfin Rainbow Fish (Iriatherina werneri) (group of 6-7 mixed gender?) My tap water: PH about 7 GH 300 (on the Aquarium Coop test strips basically its at the highest number ) KH 40 (on the Aquarium Coop test strips basically its at the lowest number) The tank: 40 Gal planted with black sand and 2 sponge filters Currently has: -4 Kuli loaches -9 Blue Kerri tetra -1 Bristle nose pleco If you made it this far, thank you I know this is long but wanted to give all relevant information so that I can properly care for them and set myself up for success.
  12. Thank you and I found and 40 breeder and 20L on offerup with a stand for $80 so I got that. the 37 gal of water on my floor was enough to scare me away from trying
  13. So I got a 37 gal (36L x 18W x 13H) tank for free from my school (it was donated). I was cleaning it out and under the seal on the bottom it says "DO NOT FILL WITH WATER". I was hoping I could convert it. From what I have read, the issue is usually with the thickness of glass or the silicone used. It does leak from the bottom seal. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth a try?
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