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Rasbora red lump


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Hi there is a red lump on my rasbora  it looks like a wound.

Any idea what this is. This fish is not eating since yesterday, and kinda breathing heavily. 

Last night that lump was not there.


  • pH=7.0
  • Nitrates=20
  • Hardness between 7-14
  • Nitrite=0
  • Ammonia=0
  • KH/Buffer=10
  • Water Temperature =77 F (25C)

Edit: Thought it was not eating but it went crazy for o-nip tabs with the rest of the tank. 

Edit 2 Seperated it tıo quarantine. Waiting for further instructions



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I have some news.

Yesterday After putting this fist in to quarantine tank. I applied sera baktopur and tropical sanital ketapang salt.

This morning the lump was gone there was a little scar left in its place. Also fish is doing much better.

Sera baktopur has a 3 day medication period. Will see what happens in the third day.


I still want to kow what this is.


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