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Flagfish on bottom


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Evening all,

I'm having no luck with flagfish lately. First try, male and female, had the male pass within a week. Received a replacement and had both fish go within a month. Tried again, with a more mature pair from a different store, and they're both hiding in the plants in the substrate, added 4 days ago. I'm sure it has to do with my water, but I can't figure it out. Tank is 8 years old, 29 gallon, filled with espei raspbora, cardinal tetras, and a yoyo loach. Had an SAE but thought it was aggressive and moved it a couple days ago. Added marycyn and prazi today in case they came in with something. 

Test strips show 25ppm nitrate, 150 GH, 80 KH, and 6.8-7.2pH.

Kind of a long shot, I know, but thought some people might have other ideas.



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Thanks for the help everyone. Tank temp is 74. Noticed that both fish seen to have some very stringy poop that is still attached to their anus. The female actually looks like the anus is swollen, but I don't know enough about the fish to tell if that's normal. Could they be constipated from the store I got them from? My tank has plenty of algae to eat, that's why I got them. 



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