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single white spot on two different praecox rainbowfish. Ich, Epistylis, lymp or nothing at all?

Hiếu Lê

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Hi everyone, as the title said, I got these two neon rainbow that each has a single little white dot on them. They are active and acting well, no flashing as well. I was wondering what it could be. I do apologize for the pictures' quality, it is a tiny white spot on a tiny fish that won't stop moving.






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I have never heard of lymph or what it stands for so I cannot speak on that regard. But for ich, it is usually very white while epistylis is kinda clear looking. Based on your pic, I want to say the very very early stage of ich. If i were you i would quarantine them and treat with an ich medication. Out of my experiences, I seem to have better luck with medicines with malachite green w/ formaldehyde. If you dont want to treat them to be cautious, you could wait to see if more dots appear which I do not recommend.



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