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White fuzz around betta fish mouth??

Any Huit

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My blue female betta has white fuzz growing around her mouth. I struggled to get a focused photo because she swims so quickly!

What should I do? I have several things in my arsenal:

- a 3 gallon hospital tank with aquarium salt

- seachem kanaplex, neoplex, and metroplex

- fritz maracyn two, paracleanse, and expelp

- ichx

which one should I use? has anyone seen this before? some quick googling showed someone had success with sulfaplex, does anyone has a similar recommendation? 

SOS, Worried betta momma here


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It's difficult to tell off your picture what's going as white Fuzz on the mouth can be a fungal infections or columnaris what I would do is treat with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 1 gallon and do a course kanaplex the salt will treat any possible fungal infection and kanaplex will treat any possible bacterial component @Any Huit

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Like Colu said it definitely seems like the most likely cause of this is columnaris, are you noticing any other symptoms. Sometimes the infection can also be around their gills, and you'll notice general signs of lethargy as well. At the moment, I'd just add some aquarium salt to the tank, however, if things get worse you can also try dosing the tank with Furan 2

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