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My First New Tank After 5 Years!


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Some of you may know me from my recent threads, even though I'm really new here. I just got back into the hobby after 5 years and my 10-gal finished cycling a few days ago. It is far from "matured" yet and I really love Cory's suggestion of "maturing" a tank, but I decided to go ahead and get a few little fish friends to "grow-up" with the maturing tank. I used a new method (for me) of cycling, so I was very surprised that it was done after just a couple of weeks. Anyway, today (even with a very injured right foot) I drove a few hours out of town to "Marine World Tropical Fish" in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and purchased more plants (Java Fern, Wisteria, Micro Sword) as well as 3 baby Long-Fin Leopard Danios, a young Tiger Nerite Snail, and some special plant root tabs. If anyone is wondering about that shop, I'll tell you it is AMAZING! This is the first time I've ever been there but I regret never visiting before! They have everything and all the fish were happy and healthy! Also, if you make a trip there be sure to visit their shop cats, they are extremely cute! Anyway, this is the current state of my first tank after getting back into the hobby. Thank you to everyone for the help and I hope to stay active here! : )


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