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Does anyone have an Aquarium Co-Op tank set up?


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Let's build a "Co-Op" tank, shall we? What I mean by this, is as many of the Aquarium Co-Op products as possible, plus some Cory favorites. If you use Easy Green and Easy Root tabs, great. But, you can't see it in action; obviously.

If you have this tank - PLEASE show it. Would be incredible if you use ALL of these on one tank.

-Aquarium Co-Op heater

-Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter

-East Plant LED

-Easy Planter

-Painted black background (a Cory fav)

-Aquarium Co-Op Power Head

-Aquarium Co-Op Regulator

-Pure Water Pebbles substrate (substrate Cory uses) 

-Crypt garden (a Cory fav)

-Vallisneria (a Cory fav)

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I don't order a lot online, but I do order the easy green. I just ordered 2
that's sitting at the post office, will be picking it & 14 rainbow shiners up 
in a few days just in time for my B-day happy 65.

For those who use easy green on regular basis how long does it last you ?
I go through a bottle about every 3-6 mons depending on the amount I
use every does, & I only have 2 aquariums 1-75 gal & 1-30 gal.

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