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Rabbit and Mystery Snails together?


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So, can rabbit and mystery snails thrive together?  Wanting to breed both since there is a need here in my local community.  (Non-Big Box LFS  can never get rabbits and has a hard time getting mystery’s, and most of the Big Box stores only have Nerites in stock).


Right now I have ~8 Mystery’s and ~7 rabbits in the same tank.  However some internet sites suggest Rabbits should kept close to 80F while Mystery’s should be closer to 75F.  This leads me to think I need 2 tanks.  What have y’all found to be true?

I want to take the best care I can of these animals.  I also know that the rabbit breeding project is probably a 5 year venture before I have a large enough breeding stock to be able to regularly sell. So, with that in mind, if they need significantly different parameter from mystery’s to thrive, I want to give them that.



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The answer is sadly no.

Rabbit snails need high temps. Mystery snails face issues like fast growth, weak shell development, short life span when they are kept in rabbit snail temperatures. 

As much as I love snails, I keep my mysteries and rabbits in different tanks. Rabbits enjoying the gbr temps (80F), meanwhile mystery lives in a cooler tank. The most ideal mystery snail temp for a balanced activity, shell development and lifespan is ~74F

Also I have seen many cases where male mystery snail try to mate with rabbit snail causing stress and ends up causing injury to both sides, by having its organ stuck in rabbit snails trapdoor.


Also, as you know rabbits are waaay too slow compared to mysteries. And they eat much slower too. So that is like keeping crazy active eating fish like danios and slow shy eaters in the same tank

When I drop a snello in mystery snail tank it is finished in an hour or so. It takes a day for rabbits to eat lol

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