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Coop test strips, how long before they expire?

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For the coop test strips, any ideas how long they last once purchased/opened?

If there is an expiration date printed somewhere that I didn’t notice?


I tested with mine and after comparing with a master test kit they’re still good. I just noticed a small bunch of them turning colors in the can so it got me wondering.

Thanks for any help

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I'd guess that if they are turning colors, they're getting exposed to humid air. Test strips should last at least 2 years, but it all depends on keeping them dry, leaving the top open or letting water drip into the container will likely throw them off a bit.

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Thank you for the response. I’ll weed out any slightly colored ones. Probably a few drops of water got in the lid or something. 

i noticed I like testing a lot sometimes so the strips are convenient compared to the liquids. 🙂

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