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Fresh Water Archerfish

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On 3/31/2023 at 4:50 AM, BlueLineAquaticsSC said:

Who can tell me a little about Archers. My LFS has clouded and small scale in fairly regularly. What’s the difference between the two, any issues with aggression? I’m thinking of trying them with my lungfish in a 90g

Clouded archers are brackish so they must be kept in brackish water, small scale are true freshwater and smaller then the clouded. Clouded(8-9inches) Small(6inches). Your best shot is to keep small scale as both lungfish and small scale can be kept in freshwater.

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You should ask your lfs where they get their clouded archers, the source that is. Burmese Clouded Archer (Toxotes Blythii) are a true fresh water archer that you can find from time to time. They are said to be peaceful  community fish, though I do not know from personal experience. They certainly  are beautiful. An online competitor I cannot name has some in stocks right now.

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