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I think you should let your plants start absorbing those 50 nitrates before adding in more for the plants. 

This is not gonna be a fast, done in a week, project especially if you have a lot of stubborn algae. The plants will also need a week or two to establish themselves so adding in ferts now will likely just throw gas on the algae 

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I have high-ish bioloads, so instead of easy green I put in some potassium every so often, and recently started using seachem flourish advance. At some point there will be critical mass and perhaps aco will make an easy-gree (no n) 🙂 should also note that I am running CO2.


Recent pic: 


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On 3/15/2023 at 12:40 PM, Pepere said:

You might add some floating plants to help soak up the excess nutrients even if ypu dont want floating plants long term…


plants that float with their leaves out of the water can access copious airborne co2 so are not limited by co2 as submerged plants are.

Any many 'stem plants' double as floaters. 

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