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  1. Are the tanks standard rimmed dimensions or is there a listing somewhere?
  2. Id assume the betta food is better mixed for their health, then again I cant find any real sources that have any information. Everything I have search up just recs the same food brands, or is a forum/ reddit post parroting the same info with no sources.
  3. I really regret only running eco complete. Trying to target root tabs where needed is a paint. I’m bad with plants and have had several plants die I think may have made it to there was a layer of capped dirt to access. my shrimp tank is kinda just a mess of plants I’ve taken out of other tanks. Didn’t plan for this to be anything but a quarantine tank but they were getting hunted by a betta. So here I am
  4. Hopefully I’ll start seeing baby shrimp in the next week. Momma shrimp has almost no eggs left and we are around the 3 week mark. Fingers crossed that means they have started hatching out My Amano shrimp are continuing to have impressive molts. I wonder how much bigger they can get
  5. Last weekend I moved everything out and into a new 29g tank. This weekend I’ve just swapped the 10g aco light onto the tank and I’m debating wat for ground plants or fish to add. Still no signs of baby shrimp yet, maybe the first girl will start hatching this week. Half the chili rasbora are chill, half won’t stop surfing up and down the right side glass
  6. 1 repashey community plus, I love watching my shrimp and pleco eat it. Is it the best repashey for me idk. It sinks before the chilis and tetra even know it’s in the tank tho… 2 extreme community crave, I’ll probably switch to straight krill next time. Seems like everyone goes for the krill flake and ignore the spirulina flake. 3 bug bites because everyone including the betta eats them. They’re not the easiest food to crush up small for the chilis but we manage. I think that rant was a little confusing. He quickly named 7 plus foods he uses weekly. I don’t have enough fish to even use one container of flake food in a month or two. I get the point of try not to have more food than you need and I’m trying to look at ingredients to see if I’m going to end up over lap g severely. But like, Betta are supposed to have beta food several times a week. Bottom feeders are supposed to get supplemented. Not every fish eats pellets or flakes daily. Shrimp/snails etc need additional suppliment now and then as well.
  7. I found my shrimp really love to eat crushed snails. If you have a large snail population the shrimp could be struggling for food. How often and large are you water changes? Is the water going in similar to the water coming out?
  8. I’ve been reconsidering plans for my 29g after seeing how hard my chili rasbora are to feed. These look like they could be a nice tankmate situation. Kinda help disturb the nano pellets or crushed flake so it drops mid tank for the chili
  9. All I’ve done is check my fert level and spend an hour debating if I really wanna transfer to a scratch free new tank… 12+ year old used tank. If I do that I’m really considering adding in aqua soil under the complete. I’m not convinced eco complete and root tabs only was the right way to go. I may also build up the rocks to form a terrace on one side or along the back to help fill the vertical space 29g tanks have. On the other hand I do have several nice drift wood pieces I could use instead. I’ve been putting that off to grow more moss for one of them.
  10. I think you should let your plants start absorbing those 50 nitrates before adding in more for the plants. This is not gonna be a fast, done in a week, project especially if you have a lot of stubborn algae. The plants will also need a week or two to establish themselves so adding in ferts now will likely just throw gas on the algae
  11. @Ninjoma does the crayfish get along with the shrimps? Looking nice! first potential shrimp babies coming soon, just move to what ever we call this stage the other female has had an odd more green saddle for maybe 5 days now
  12. I’m curious too. I don’t have enough fish to go through a single bottle of any food in the time frame he suggested. Much less have a couple different foods to help balance diets/treat etc. I could buy a table spoon of rapashey and not finish it in 3 months
  13. Quick routine cleaning of the heater this morning. I have three of these really large Amano shrimp. They’re kinda creepy when they’re next to the rili shrimp just because of how much bigger they are
  14. Shrimp keepers! Looking around there did not seem to be one central thread to show off your shrimp, tell us stories, or collect general knowledge. So show us your shrimp, share what’s happening in their day to day busy life. I found my red rili ladies sharing a crushed pond snail. It was so cute watching them for about 15 minutes. my Amano shrimp having no interest in the green been offering I left
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