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Reintroducing Honey Gourami


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Hey all,

So, 2 weeks ago, I walked in to the room with my tank to do their morning feeding just to find my Honey Gourami doing acrobatics in the tank... and by 'acrobatics,' I mean, he was stuck in the updraft of the air stone getting tossed around... Think of it as being involuntarily flipped around for... well... who knows how long he was in that...

So, I was able to get him out and figured harm HAD TO HAVE BEEN DONE... sure enough, he got suck back in it. I leapt to action to set up my quarantine tank and got him in there where he, for the better part of a week and a half, exhibited signs of dropsy. I thought, for sure, it'd just be a matter of time before he passes.

Well, between yesterday and today, he actually looks to be swimming mostly normally and he actually looks more vibrant and healthy than prior. He had some dark spots behind his eyes for a while, but that's all gone.

None of the other fish in the tank (6 black neons, 2 ottos) have had any issues in between

So I'm wondering... How long should I keep him separated from the main tank. I was thinking 2 more weeks of all healthy showing and then reintroduce him. Does that seem reasonable? I would love to get rid of the tank in my bathroom and reclaim my counter space 😄

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I would leave it at least another week it not uncommon for fish exhibiting symptoms of Dropys to have a relapse once reintroduce back the main tank if you haven't solved  the initial cause such as stress caused by poor water quality bullying poor diet will all be stresser on the immune system that can lead to secondary infections or kidney infection 

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