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Greetings from Oregon

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eveyone. I live in the coast range of Oregon.  I have a 90

gallon goldfish tank that has a 40 gallon sump and and moving bed filter. Then there is a 75 with a homemade stand with a pair of Jack Dempseys that dominate the tank completely. Next is a 65 gallon tank with and electric blue Jack Dempsey with a wild  Jack Dempsey buddy.  That tank has 6 tiger barbs  that play tag with the JD’s all day. There is a 15 gallon bow front tank with cherry shrimp munching away at a huge piece of cholla. In another room is a 40 breeder with a mixed community with 3 huge yo-yo loaches.  Next door to that tank is a 20 long planted tank with 6 Venuzualan orange corydoras.  
we have a 50 gallon indoor pond loaded with green Aeneus Cory’s that lay eggs often.  At last count there were close to 100 babies munching on almond leaves.  We use CO2 and have to mow frequently.  We pay attention to the food. Lots of fresh and some flake with pellets.  Repashy sometimes even though it has a 1500% mark up!  We raise banana worms and wingless fruit flies and vinegar worms. 
future hope is a 20 tank rack build.  We have built a loop with a piston tank in anticipation of a few racks of tanks filtered with sponges.  
thank you for a great forum and Cory’s store and employees.  They have been a great help.   










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