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Never kept guppies, any tips?

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I've been keeping them for a few years.  Here are a few things that might help.

  • Try to get some from a local hobbyist, or from a LFS that buys from local breeders.  I have struggled keeping commercially raised guppies alive longer than a few weeks, and I've seen numerous reports on this and other fish related forums from others with the same experience.
  • As mentioned above, unless you plan on males only you probably need a plan for dealing with fry.  I said probably, because some guppy strains are notorious fry hunters (Yes, albino kois, I'm talking about you again). 
  • If you like to keep fish outside in tubs, guppies are a good option.  Just don't put them out too early in spring or leave them out too long in the fall.  You definitely need to have them inside when the temperatures get below 50°, but use 55° to be safe.  As you might have guessed from this, assuming your tank is inside your home in a heated room you don't need a heater in guppy tanks.
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