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Looking for Cemex Lapis Lustre sand


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HI All,

Ages ago, I used Cemex Lapis Lustre sand to set up my planted tank. I'm upgrading, and need more of this shiny stuff. Does anyone know where in the greater Seattle area I can find it? I'd like to confirm that I have the right size, so ordering online isn't a great option. 

Thanks so much!




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The California Coastal Commission, which began investigating sand mining by Cemex USA in 2010, is expected to vote July 13 on a deal that would require the company to halt extraction at its Lapis Sand Plant, an 8-acre operation on a remote beach in the Monterey County town of Marina.

The agreement will allow the plant to extract smaller amounts of sand for three years, according to sources close to the negotiations. All equipment would then have to be removed from the beach. A company plant a quarter-mile inland would be allowed to process stockpiled sand for another three years before shutting down, the sources said.


It's been shut down.

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