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Bumblebee platy black spots


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Hi everyone 

I’ve had some Platys since august last year and at the start of the year this guy has developed this large black spot and dropsy. I’ve treated Epsom salt baths and meds from my local aquarium but what would make this black patch keep spreading? 
move attached his first colouring in august, then in January. 
he’s in a hospital tank but it’s all spreading and I can’t make him any better sadly. 



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On 1/30/2023 at 10:19 PM, Guppysnail said:

I’m sorry about your fish. I believe @Hobbit has some experience with this in platy fish. I’ll try to find their thread on cancer tumors in platy. 

Thanks so much I just found it, tumours makes sense. Poor guy. I appreciate your help! 🐠

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