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I Think I Killed My CO2 Regulator


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Hey folks!
To set the scene, I had successfully set up my CO2 the day before with the Co-Op regulator and for added protection had decided to add a check valve

Things I did: kill power to the solenoid since I was doing this during scheduled operations.
Things I didn’t do: close either the fine tuning valve, the operating pressure valve, or the valve on the CO2 cylinder.

I had waited until I saw no more CO2 leaving the diffuser and cut the line just outside of the tank. I heard a small pop and gentle hiss but nothing dramatic or prolonged. 

Since then I have been unable to maintain any pressure within the line. The cylinder gauge continues to read 800psi, but the operating pressure gauge refuses to budge. Also, any attempt to adjust the fine tuning needle results in maybe a bubble or two, but nothing prolonged. I have attempted to essentially reinstall the unit by following the installation guide as well as completely changing the line from the regulator to the diffuser but all to no avail.

At this point I’m a bit stumped as to what to do next and would appreciate any advice or insight.


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