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Sick Amazon Puffer


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I picked up this wild caught Amazon puffer 1 week ago. The tank as a whole at the store was not looking good, but I hoped that I could treat one of the better looking ones in a quarantine tank. Plus I have been looking for a while and these were only $10!

He has gone through 5 days of Maracyn and Ich-X and is only looking worse. Previously he was swimming around, now he is floating at the top mostly vertical. 😥

tank is an established 5g quarantine tank.

Temp 78

ammonia 0

nitrites 0

nitrate trace

pH 7.8

there are 5 otos in quarantine with him and they seem fine so don’t think it is a water issue?

I know they need to be dewormed but given the state of others in the store tank I thought bacterial/fungal treatment was maybe more important first. Am I missing something? Suggestions?

on a another note if he gets better do the teeth need to be trimmed?





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With what your describing I would start deworming week 1 Expel p water change prazipro week 2 Expel p water change prazipro week 3 Expel p water change prazipro week 4 Expel p water change prazipro  the combination of the two medication will treat most commonly encountered parasites I would remove the Otto's if you have another and add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons keep at that level for one week after one week up the amount of aquarium salt to 1 table spoon for 2 gallons if your not seeing any improvement  just remember to only put back in what you take out so if you do a 3 gallon water change put 1 table spoon of salt back in @AquaAggie

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Thanks @Colu All I have on hand is paracleanse and aquarium salt. I will see if I can find the expel-p and prazipro. Given dosing it certainly seems the former are less work but would the paracleanse still work or is the combination other two superior?

do you see anything obvious in the pictures? My understanding is the white rings are bite marks from other puffers?

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On 1/14/2023 at 2:50 PM, AquaAggie said:

UPDATE. Died overnight 😢

Sorry for to hear that at least your did you best to try and turn him around 

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