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Anybody think this is pearling? Or something else entirely? Other than moss and duck weed (that I'm fighting with) this is the only plant in the aquarium. It gets easy green every week and the nitrates are around 25 ppm. The leaf that these bubbles are coming from appears pretty ruff. The bubbles aren't stopping for at least 5 minutes. The last water change was last week so it's not as a result of that. I did just rescape the tank and also I removed a bunch of duckweed so the annubius is no longer in the corner in the shade. 


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Agree with @Darax. It looks like it's from tissue damage and not from excess oxygen. I'm no expert expert my understanding, and experience, with excess o2 pearling is that it doesn't leak out like that. When i had it in my tank, funny enough mostly because of a lot of algae, it was bubbles that stayed on the surface of the plant. Typically the type of pearling you have is from a damaged leaf or stem or something and the oxygen is leaking out while it's repairing itself. 

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